Sunday, August 3, 2008

$15,500 to Aid Families of Trawler Belle Crew


Boston Globe May 1947

A check for $15,500 to aid families of the trawler Belle sunk in January was turned over to Chairman John F. Dolan, right, by Thomas A. Fulham, left, while John N. Fulham looked on. The money was raised among dealers and boat owners at the Fish Pier.

A check for $15,500 collected among dealers and boat owners at the Fish Pier, affiliated with the Massachusetts Fisheries Association and the Federated Fishing Boats of New England and New York, for the families of the fishermen who perished in the sinking of the Boston Trawler Belle was presented yesterday by Thomas A. Fulham, president of the association, to John F. Dolan, chariman of the committee in charge. The presentation took place in the office of Thomas D. Rice, executive secretary of the association.

The money will be apportioned in accordance with the size and needs of the various families, payments to begin at once. There are 45 children in the families left fatherless by the disaster.

The "Trawler Belle Fund" was collected without any special drive, and added to relief furnished by the Atlantic Fisherman's Union and other agencies, will assure protection over a considerable period for the families of the lost fishermen.

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