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Families Of 16 Fishermen Lost At Sea To Share $125,000

Boston Globe Mar. 6, 1950

A total of $125,000 will be paid to families of 16 fishermen who lost their lives when the trawler Belle went down, the Federal court decreed today. The trawler Belle was lost Jam/ 9th or 10th, 1947 off Boston Harbor.

C. Louis Eisenberg and that Trawler Belle Inc. , had filed a petition in court for exoneration of liability and Lawrence M. Levinson was appointed as commisioner to make awards.

Levinson reported that the petition had made an offer of $125,000 which was agreeable to the claimants and approved by the court as fair and reasonable.

It was determined that the pecuniary loss to the families of the survivors totals $431,000, but when the Federal court issues its final decree for payment the commissioner will make awards pro rate, less expenses and commissioner's fee.

Pecuniary losses were announced as follows: Family of the ship's captain, Peter Linehan, Quincy, $57,850; Mrs. Violette Jackman, widow of Patrick F. Jackman, Folsom St., Dorchester, $42,750; Mrs. Gertude Dunn of Sydney St., Dorchester, widow of chief mate Edward M. Dunn, $49,850; Mrs. Isabel Foote Gray, Medford, widow of Leonard B. Foote, $37,550; Mrs. Bridget A. Maloney, Chauncey St., Cambridge, widow of Gerald Maloney, $38,450.

Mrs. Helen Armstrong, Sea St., Quincy, widow of Martin Armstrong, $32,450; Mrs. Mary A. Pelletier, Playstead Road, Newton, sister of Patrick J. Aylward, $2550; Mrs. Alice Stanwood, widow of Edward Ernst, $17,950; Daniel McCUe, Bowdoin Ave., Dorchester, father of John McCue, $7150; Mrs. Dorothy Place, Gloucester, widow of Abbot Place, $55,850; Mrs. Esther Rossiter, Gloucester, widow of Thomas J. Rossiter, $31,750; Paul Squires, son of Wiliam S. Squires, $11,850; Mrs. Edith Trott, widow of Edward A. Trott, $23,650.

Commissioner Levinson also awarded $9150 to the estate of John Rosell, Boston; $1150 to the estate of Stephen Dunn, Boston, and $1150 to the estate of Howard Strum of New York.

CLaims were made under the Jones Act and the Death on High Seas Act.

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