Monday, August 4, 2008

Weather Blocks Air Search for Boston Trawler

Boston Globe Jan. 15, 1947

Search for the missing Boston trawler Belle and her crew of 17 Greater Boston men was retarded for a second straight day as new storms churned the North Atlantic and waters off New England today.

Coast Guard and Navy planes stood ready to take off if the fog lifted and winds abated, but there was little likelihood of improvement in conditions before nightfall.

Meanwhile, the Navy tug Nipmuc, the Coast Guard cutter Ingham and the Canadian tug Foundation Franklin sped to the assistance of the crippled 7163-ton Canadian freighter Tecumseh Park, being pounded by terrific waves 840 miles east of Halifax. According to the Associated Press the ship radioed she was making five knots in heavy seas. The United States Army transport Gen. M.L. Hersey was standing by the Tecumseh Park, which had sent out two SOS calls.

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