Monday, August 4, 2008

Trawler, 17 Men Given Up as Lost by Coast Guard

Boston Globe Jan. 21, 1947

Organized search for the Boston trawler Belle, missing for 10 days with her crew of 17 men, was abandoned yesterday by the Coast Guard.

Air-Sea-Rescue heafquarters in Boston said that a description of the 113-foot vessel would be broadcast twice a day for the next week. All ships at sea which sight the Boston fisherman or her wreckage are asked to radio immediately.

The Belle, a new, steel-hulled vessel, was last heard from Jan. 9 when her skpper, Capt. Peter Linehan of Hough's Neck, radioed he was 100 miles east of Boston and coming home with 60,000 pounds of cod from the Grand Banks.

At Boston, fellow fishermen believe the vessel became top heavy with ice and rolled over and sank in the high seas and strong windsa which have swept the North Atlantic since the Belle was last reported.

Mrs. Mildred Howlett, sister of Stephen Dunn, 36, of 47 Roxbury St., came to Boston to claim her brother's belongings. She said she remembered "only too well of the two weeks she had spent with him in July that it would be the last time she would ever see him again."

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