Sunday, August 3, 2008

In Loving Memory of Edward Ernst

This blog site is dedicated to collecting information on the fishing trawler the Belle, that was lost at sea January 9th, 1947 with 17 crew members on board. Any information you may have, please add.
If you are relatives of any of the crew members, we truly want to hear from you on any information and memories of your loved ones.
The men who lost their lives on the Belle, should never be forgotten.
On December 31st, 1946, our ancestor, Edward Ernst (shown below), along with 16 other crew members, set out for Grand Banks, Nova Scotia on a fishing trawler named the Belle. The Belle was a new 113 foot long vessel with a steel hull, owned by Standard Fish
On January 9th, 1947, loaded with 60,000 pounds of cod, a radio distress call was put in by the Belle, caught in an ice storm 100 miles East of Boston on the return home.
The Belle and the men on board were never found despite searches.
Those who perished at sea are:
Captain Peter Linehan
Chief Engineer Iver Persson
Second Engineer John Rosell
Cook Howard R. Strum
Patrick Jackman
Edward Dunn
Edward A. Trott
Thomas Rossiter
John McCue
Leonard F. Foote
Gerald Maloney
Edward Ernst
Stephen Dunn
Martin Armstrong
William Squires
Patrick Aylward
Abbott Place


todde6972 said...

Edward A. Trott was an Engineer on the Belle..

todde6972 said...

Could the person who added/created this blog, "Trawler Belle", please contact me..I am the g-g-grandson of the Engineer of the Belle. I have more information and would like to swap some with you...

denise friedeborn said...

This blog has been amazing. My uncle was John McCue who perished on this trip. I have known about it for years but just recently started researching it. Thank you for putting this all together.

Helen O'Neil said...

I did not have family members on the Belle but my dad knew many of the men. He was a fisherman at the pier who spent 1949-1967 on the Wisconsin. My mother remembered this also and talked often about the great loss. Thank you for remembering the men.

Meghan Bright said...

My grandfather Leonard Foote died at sea and my father Leonard Foote his son just recently passed. If anyone has more information about where the ship was lost or found I would like to spread my father's ashes there. Sincerely, Meghan Bright born MaryBeth Foote