Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fishing Industry Gives $15,500 to Trawler Belle Fund

Boston Globe Mar 1947

A total of $15,500 has been collected in the fishing industry for distribution to 45 dependents of the 17 men who perished when the Boston trawler Belle foundered 100 miles east of Boston last January. Thomas A. Fulham, president of the Massachusetts Fisheries Association, has presented a check for that amount to John F. Dolan, chairman of the Belle fund.

The money will be apportioned in accordance with the size and needs of the various families, and payments will begin at once. There are 45 children in the families left fatherless by the disaster. The collection will supplement the fund gathered by the Atlantic Fishermen's Union last month, which totaled nearly $7000.

Last heard of the trawler Belle with a crew of 17 men was on January 9, when she radioed she was cominfrom the fishing banks and failed to show up and which started an extensive search for over two weeks by plane and cutter.

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