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Boston Globe January 11, 1947

Boston Trawler With 17 Men Day Overdue
The new Boston fishing trawler Belle, with Capt. Peter Linehan, 16 men and 60,000 pounds of fish aboard, today was reported overdue here since 1 p.m. yesterday. Last word over her radio telephone, which may have been damaged by ice formation, was Thursday afternoon. The Coast Guard has sent a PBY plane from Squantum Naval Air Station to search for the overdue vessel.

All ships in the area where the 113-foot trawler last was heard from are battling winds of from 40 to 50 miles an hour velocity and smashing seas. The Belle had been fishing at Grand Banks, off Nova Scotia. Capt. Linehan's home is at 71 Charles St., at Hough's Neck.

The Coast Guard sent a "blind" broadcast to the Belle, in case her radio receiving apparatus is functioning, asking her skipper to fly a sheet from the rigging for identification. A broadcast to all ships at sea to keep a sharp lookout for the vessel also was sent out.

A list of crew members was furnished by the Standard Fish Company, owner of the Belle. It includes Edward Dun, 101 Sydney St., Dorchester, mate; Edward A. Scott, chief engineer; Iver Persson, 141 Prospect St., Cambridge, second engineer; John Rosell, cook; Howard R. Strum, 25 Pearl Ter., Cambridge; Patrick Jackman, 27 Folsom St., Dorchester; Thomas Rossiter, 17 Maplewood St., Gloucester, John McCue, 143 Bowdoins St., Dorchester; Leonard F. Foote, 19 Burget Ave., Medford; Gerald Maloney, 3 Chauncey St., Cambridge; Abbott Place, Edward Ernst, Patrick J.Aylward, Stephen Dunn, Martin Armstrong and William Squires.

Meanwhile the Coast Guard buoy tender Cactus is slowly making headway toward New Bedford with the disabled dragger Katy D., which lost her propeller last Tuesday night. Conditions last night were such that the Cactus had to head in the direction of Rockland, Me., in order to make any progress against the wind and sea.

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It's Edward A. Trott,not Edward A. Scott