Monday, August 4, 2008

Planes Abandon Hunt for Missing Trawler

Boston Globe Jan. 19, 1947

Five Coast Guard and Navy planes abandoned the eight dat hunt for the missing Boston trawler Belle at sundown last night without finding a trace of the vessel last heard from 10 days ago.

The area searched extended from the Grand Banks to the New Jersey Coast. Coast Guard headquarters declared the search would continue but pointed out that if the vesse; os sto;; afloat it has drifted beyond New England waters.

The fishing vessel was last heard from Jan. 9, when the captain, Peter Linehan, of Houghs Neck, radioed the owners, the Standard Fish Company, of Atlantic Ave. the he was heading for port with a cargo of 60,000 pounds of cod. The vessel carries a crew of 16 Boston and Gloucester men.

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