Monday, August 4, 2008

Nine Big Navy Planes to Hunt for Trawler

Boston Globe Jan 16, 1947

Nine big naval observatrion planes have been ordered to stand by at Quonset Base in Rhode Island and, with clear weather, to search for the Boston trawler Belle, the 1st Naval District announced today.

The Coaat Guard, meanwhile, is pressing a request to high naval command of ra naval aircraft carrier based at Newport, R.I., also to take part in the search for the trawler, missing since Jan. 9 with a crew of 17 men.

It was reported to the Coast Guard by the Navy that the single place fighter planes of the aircraft carrier would not be as practical in the search as the observationplanes which carry specially trained observers.

At Quonset VX-4 Squadron has been ordered to the alert and have made their planes ready for the break in the clouds. It is forecast that a break in the weather may come tonight or tomorrow morning and, if so, the planes will go out to sea. The planes are the PB I-WS type which have an extraordinary long range and carry the latest radar devices.

Coast Guard planes which have already covered 6000 miles in the search also await clear weather to continue the search.

Since Jan. 9 when a radio was received that she was battling high seas in a storm 140 miles from Boston, the Belle has been missing. A report today from the Coast Guard cutter Bibb, returning to Boston from her weather station, reported no sign of the missing Belle.

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